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Thanks, man!

I have the gear calculator built. It's sort of unique. I'll show it off soon.

I'm definitely working on:
- UCI Countdown timer and a stopwatch. That's a great idea to time the opposing rider!
- Pursuit schedule calculator. I've made some progress so far and it also has some unique outputs.

These are definitely in line with were I'd like to go with the app. More of a "Coach's Utility" than anything else. I need to learn how to go deep with the pursuit timing aspect. I've never been a pursuiter so I've never invested brain cells in that area

I hadn't considered the track and bike setup reference info. That's a great idea, too. I've written down my bike specs on a million scraps of paper over the years! Maybe this will go into a companion reference app. Not sure.

Keep the ideas coming.

Also, if you see some similar apps with features you'd like for me to see, let me know.

I hope to have this in the App store by the end of next month. I'm using Apple Swift, so you guys will have to upgrade to iOS 8 to use it.
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