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Originally Posted by bitingduck View Post
The "Mybikeinfo" app is where I got the idea for measurements. It's basically an app for cataloging your bikes down to the smallest detail.
I'll look into it. I think that this will ultimately be a suite of apps by the time we are done.

Originally Posted by bitingduck View Post
For the pursuit timer, if there's enough screen you might have it automatically round and display in large (or bold, or a different color) the number to call out. I.e. if someone is riding a 17.39 it would show "7.4" to keep you from calling out 7.3 by accident.
Great idea. I'm on it. Thanks! I made great progress last night. I hope to have the 2-up timing done today

Originally Posted by bitingduck View Post
If you want to be really super awesome, figure out how to take hardware inputs and set it up to take a tape-switch input...
Originally Posted by gl98115 View Post
I was thinking about this as well. Set up hardware on the tape switch which transmits a ANT+ and/or bluetooth pulse when contacted. The phone app on the bike measures time between pulses.
Originally Posted by bitingduck View Post
I was thinking to leave the phone or ipad on the apron, but bluetooth is even better!

Probably not too hard to do as an arduino project.
I've been working on that too as a research effort. I'm learning the Bluetooth framework. I can get raw Hex/Binary data from a speed/cadence sensor that I'm playing with, but I'm stuck on how to translate that into base 10. I'm getting unexpected errors in Swift (not sure if it's my fault or that the framework isn't fully baked...probably the former). The harder part will be setting up a tape switch, arduino, etc... But all of that is definitely on my radar.

The Bluetooth LE range is less than 100M. I think the bugger will be BT connecting, disconnecting, or not connecting when it's in and out of range.

Originally Posted by Brian Ratliff View Post
Voice control so I can start and stop the clock without taking my hands from the bars.
WOW. That thought has never occurred to me. I need to research this.

Originally Posted by Brian Ratliff View Post
Alternately, a wireless thumb mounted button I can easily press in the middle of an effort. Somehow making something I can control while in full sprint that has better than the 1sec resolution given by Strava.
This is why I bought a BT speed/cadence sensor to work on making a BT thumb switch system. This will take a lot longer to make than some of the calculating, timing, logging features mentioned above.
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