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Originally Posted by str View Post
"""So why all the negativity?"""

like I said before, if you expose yourself in public it maybe happens from time to time that not everybody thinks what you do is fantastic. you should be happy that you have (see this thread) so many people who love your place. a single guy what does not like your place should not bother you. negativity, no, just a overloaded place with average content. no need to change anything.
Well, again - if you're not interested, then why do you keep posting about it, over and over? At this point it really starts to look like you have an axe to grind... which kind of belies all those "I'm just innocently commenting on what I see, wink, smiley etc" disclaimers. What you are doing is not so innocent, it's more like some sort of crusade. And what's your point? That crazyguyonabike shouldn't exist? That people shouldn't post journals there? Who are you to tell them that? A lot of people like the website. It gets over 100,000 page requests every day. Maybe I'm doing something right here? And in any case, it's nothing to do with you if those journals exist, and no skin off your nose. Just don't read them. I don't read your website, but I don't feel a need to go on and on about it.

What would make you happy? If I started deleting journals and moderating content? I already explained why that doesn't work.

I took the trouble to deconstruct your position regarding community websites, and you seem to have completely ignored all that in favor of just making the same statement that you already posted multiple times. So I guess you have nothing new to say, but want to keep saying it over and over... ok, if that makes you happy, whatever.

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