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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
Yes, because an e-bike is SO much more similar to a motorcycle than a traditional bicycle in the realm of touring. You think they are taking a bashing here, what do you honestly think guys on a BMW Adventure site are going to tell them?

My comment was not a "bashing" comment.

The context of my input was who cares how you tour, just make sure you post your concerns/comments in what you think would be the most appropriate forum or sub-forum. If someone comments here on what sleeping bag they use for "touring," who cares if they ride an motorcycle, e-bike, automobile, backpacking by foot, or human powered bike?

Asking a straight-up question about ebike battery may not be appropriate here. But post about your tour and how you overcame the battery challenge may be. Just try to use good judgement. That is all.

This thread was just a general question about ebikes input for touring. I have said my piece. Good day.
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