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Originally Posted by 350htrr View Post
But what shouldn't count or happen is people putting down E-Bikers as unworthy and saying that it be wrecking the pure touring forum allowing E-Bike touring to be on here...
But I don't think anyone was actually doing that. It's just hard to say "x doesn't belong here" without some proponent of x getting offended.

Thus my sub forum or topic thoughts, or like you suggested a sticky for E-Bike touring. As maybe the time has come for one... ?
I don't know if I'd actually be in favor of a sticky, because a) I honestly don't like stickies, they are annoying because I always have to scroll down past them to get to the "real" content, and b) it would be a tacit admission that e-bikes are now an accepted part of the bicycle touring landscape, and I don't really accept that, for reasons which have already been hashed and rehashed ad nauseam. What I was saying is that I acknowledge that there are certain commonalities between people who might choose to tour on an e-bike and those of us who choose to do self-propelled bike touring. Given that, it would seem to make sense for there to be some kind of cross-link between here and whatever other forum or space is given to e-bike touring, that's all. I don't know, this isn't a fully formed idea, I'm just spit-balling. For all I know the mods here don't really care and aren't going to do anything anyway. They are constrained by what the VBulletin software gives them and are most likely more concerned with hitcounts and ad views than purity of the content.

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