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Originally Posted by 350htrr View Post
Again, nobody was labelled a troll who had the viewpoint that E-Bikes should not be allowed here in bicycle touring land... I did suggest that people who kept saying things like, get off you fat butt, try harder you don't need to use a motor, or posted things like batteries on fire for putting down E-Biking or for entertainment were perhaps trolling...
This can easily turn into a philosophical debate about ebikes and we have all learned that is a losing battle. I have learned to accept them. Especially thanks to 350htrr. I actually asked him in another thread why he chose an e-bike for touring. He had a legit answer. He helped me understand something I was somewhat ignorant to. Can't argue with that!

And specific to the debate about people riding e-bikes providing input for touring; Yes, they have valuable input to the touring community as it reflects the act of touring. Neil even admits that he lets some discussions which the poster used an e-bike stay on his own website, but re-iterates his position of e-bike related posts are generally not allowed.

If someone has a concern about the legality of e-bikes or the legal classification of e-bikes, that should be brought up in the e-bike sub-forum or the advocacy sub-forum. Write your congressman or state representative when rules are up for review or a vote. Learn the rules of where you are or where you are going relating to e-bikes.
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