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I'm no expert, but I have built a few gaming machines for myself. I'm not an FPS-type of player, but I do play MMOs, and have been playing EQ since beta. I've been through a few machines, so here is what I recommend.

Get yourself familiar with how to build a nice pc.

I prefer Itel quad-core or better. Buy once, cry once. I've had it with AMD.

Get the best smoking hot nvidia card you can afford. Make sure its got a sh*t-ton of video ram on it.

Get two (2), did I say two? Yes, TWO SSD drives and set them up raid. The last pc I built has two 1Tb SSDs, and man this thing flies.

I'm of the opinion that you cant go wrong with 32gb of RAM

Last but not least, get yourself a good chip and a really good cooler.

Shop wisely, and you'll have all this for under $1000.
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