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Originally Posted by king_boru View Post
The R7 GPU listed is integrated in the processor. Although it can play games it wont be able to at any decent settings or high resolution. 1080p would see playable frame rates at medium to low settings but Skyrim demands a large texture library and this system would inevitably fall behind. If you are multi monitor gaming this system will not keep up.

What is your budget?
I don't really have a budget, but my home PC (that I use mostly for the internet) is 7 years old and I want to replace it. I figured get something decent so I can use it to play games. But I can't see myself spending a fortune when all I really play is Skyrim, I'm not some hard core gamer. Would something like I posted be okay to start out on and be good to upgrade in the future if needed? I don't know much about motherboards and cases and all that so I'm not sure if I would be able to upgrade to a dedicated video card or whatever.
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