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Originally Posted by snoopy20 View Post
The hub is 100g lighter because it doesn't have the roller-brake feature. It's still the latest 7 speed design.

I've since fitted drops (which I can't live without) and subsequently moved to a Nexus 8 for the bar-end shifter support which I got a great deal on. This led to upgrading the rims. There's now very little left.

Mine is the 938023/30/020 version. I did read on the cheaper non gear-hub version (Evolve 100) the forks are steel but assumed it was a typo. I just checked and mine are aluminium.

The seat-post is bullet-proof. It's actually too heavy, you can upgrade to a wider, lighter and stronger lite-pro on aliexpress for about $20 delivered.

I think they are both roller brake versions as that appears to be the version also fitted when V brakes are used. The R at the end of the model number indicates roller brake compatible. The 3001 has a aluminium shell where as the 3000 appears to be steel (I think) but I don't think there is any other mechanical advantages to 3001. There used to be a more problematic version early in the 7 speed history and I think when SRAM stopped making hubs there was a big increase in production at the Czech factory of 7 speeds which peaked demand and some of those are meant to be inferior for a short time but those were European assembled models and didn't effect the fully Japanese made models.

To be honest though I'd still have preferred to have the 3001 model given a choice just because its a later version but happy with the 3000 model. What I'm most jealous of is the 10kg extra rider weight capacity but I'm not sure why there is the difference looking at them.

Frame welds on mine are excellent and everything seems great regarding frame construction. I'm fairly sure its a fuji-ta frame which you can't really get better at the budget end although always difficult to tell as Chinese factories copy one another so much. Universal cycles have a history of using them for their mid to higher end bikes as do many other importers in the UK.
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