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Good thread about the internals of the Nexus 7 here. Interesting that it has 2 disabled/unused gears one of which is the direct drive gear 1:1 but it shows the 2 low gears are partially direct gears as are the 2 highest with the middle gears in-between utilising both the increased and reduced gearing.


On the Nexus instruction sheet which is identical for both 3000 and 3001 it says you should expect noise while operating in all but gear #1. Which makes sense looking at that forum posting.

I've got a Nexus 8 on my Carrera Subway 8 and could never use the direct drive gear, it just was never the gear I wanted to use apart from rare occasions. My cycling style seems to be I need 3 gears for hill climbing and 1 gear for flats and downhill. On the Nexus 8 I'm using gears 1-3 and then 8 with the in-between gears used only fleetingly. So in a way the Nexus 7 is setup better for me as overall the gears with extra complexity and less efficiency are the middle gears I wouldn't use.
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