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Photobucket used to be the go-to site for free picture storage. Then they instituted their policy against third-party access. That means they no longer allow you to post a URL for a pic from their site. Most of us have scrambled around and ended up on Flickr, Imgur, or Shutterfly. Same deal, though. You get the URL of the picture itself, not the web page the pic is on. Then you use the landscape icon to insert a hyperlink in your post.

You can attach the file by using the "Go Advanced" button and using the paper clip icon, but there is a limit to how big the pic can be and how much total space you're allowed for all of your attachments.

If you use the hyperlink method, please have some consideration to other forum users and size your pic when you store it, so that it will fit on a page. Posting huge pictures will make the width of the whole thread too wide to fit on a page.
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