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So to update over a year later, after the maddening Windows 10 updates ruined my laptop I did extensive research and built my own budget gaming PC for @ $300.

Zondda-O case, Windows 7, i5 750, 200g SSD, 750g HD, GTX1060 SC 6G, 8G Ram, blah, blah, blah. I also got an outstanding Asus MG248 monitor that cost about as much as the PC. It is a very killer setup, I'm hitting over 130fps on Skyrim, and on a shooter (CS:GO) it's actually showing almost 300fps, not that I know how that's possible. 8G of ram seems to be fine but I might bump it up to 16 later, and I may end up getting an i7 since they're getting cheap. But right now it's more than enough for me. My 8 year old grandson addicted to Fortnite played it on my rig and he almost peed his pants. I told him when he shows me straight A's on his report card we'll build him one.
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