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Originally Posted by ChrisRob01 View Post

Hi Carleton, yes iíve now seen this and had a good read through, thanks 👍

This has answered most of my questions, but I just wanted to ask your view on gearings based on your experience.

My strength and power is my best point and fitness worst. Obviously iím working on it and hope to improve it a lot.

Ive just used the 86Ē club bikes and spin them quite easy and get tired quite quickly.

What gearing would you recommend when i buy my first track bike and should I have slightly bigger based on my strength and lack of fitness?



Given your strength, I would look at beginning with 90-92Ē or 51-50/15. Work on that gearing. You quite easily have the strength to push it and spend some time develping the fitness and power to push high speeds for longer periods. It is worth noting that despite the big gear trend, the proper fast big gear riders are also very fast on much smaller gears. Also do not underestimate the role of fitness. Even pure sprinting requires quite a high level of fitness at higher levels. Itís no good ripping out great F200 times if you canít make it to the end of a sprint competition
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