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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Great info from Rico and others above.

Chris, a track racing “career” (even for us local guys) is a long road. You’ll have a lot of time and opportunities to experiment...and you should definitely experiment. Don’t sweat the details like gearing and whether you are ready for big gears. That’s like a new basketball player talking about “which dunks should I practice?”. There is so much before the fine tuning of personal gear options come into play. At this point, big gears may actually make you slower and less competitive in your local beginner races (scratch, points, miss-n-out, time trials, etc), which can be demoralizing.

Never underestimate how good winning a beginner 5 lap scratch feels for a new racer. Feels damn good!!

I suggest that you cut your teeth on “normal” gears then move to big gears when the time is right.

The number 1 thing that will make you faster faster is simply showing up at the track and riding and racing your bike as much as possible. When you aren’t doing that, watch the other races going on. Help out keeping score. Learn how to ring the bell. I bet that advice would hold up for a new BMX racer, too
Hi Carleton

Thanks that makes a lot of sense

I just wanna get it right and not waste money and do well. Not want much really 😂😂

But I will be patient and enjoy the journey

Yes totally agree, enjoying it and building confidence is key, not trying to push gears I cannot do

Yeah getting involved is key, thanks 👍

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