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Originally Posted by Ricovonsuave View Post
^^ This. Haha Love the analogy...

My primary thought was that if OP is in the UK, the 'local' track might well be a fast indoor one like Manchester, Newport (Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales, ahem...), Hoy, or Lee Valley, etc... which probably means at least 2" or even 4" bigger gears are probably appropriate for the boards vs the average outdoor track. And especially if you're that strong and still have some BMX speed, and you might just be a decent sprinter which means future gears will possibly be larger again. Once you can ride the track well...

Do experiment as Carleton says, and race as much as you can. 95-ish sounds like a very good starting point for most club level racing.

No worries, glad to hear you're enjoying track

No idea about the Dolan showroom as I haven't been, but if you can go, I reckon do... they can probably help with the fitting, especially if they're trackies, and would be worth it if you can try out the different sizes/models.

I note that Dolan still offers customisation of stem size and some components on the website when you buy, so that might help with getting the sizing close from day dot. Just do beware of the tall head tube on those XL Pre Cursa frames. Not sure if the TC1 is the same (the DF4 is, of course, a world-class bike - but also assumes you want to have your bars slammed [down low] which you may, or if you're 6'4 like me, you may not...) but the Pre Cursa XL I rode was definitely too tall in the head tube/bar height for proper track racing, even for me. Along with any aero disadvantage, the drops being too high put your centre of gravity up quite high, which makes handling a bit cumbersome at speed and on the banking. Most new track riders who I tell to drop their bars and inch or two from their road positions notice the handling benefits first and foremost. The aero is just a bonus for most of them, especially in age-group racing. But it's a personal thing. Get someone experienced to eyeball you on the bike, or a full on fit with someone who knows track, if you can.

All the best!
Thanks again, really appreciate all the advice 😊

The track is the best thing iíve ever done and seen

I saw it on TV and liked it

But when i was actually there it was amazing and then riding round was fun!

Yeah I will get a mid 90ís like you said

I might come back again on the bike once iíve been as i donít want to get it wrong. Iím only 175cm but long armed so wanna get it right

Thansk again 😊

Just need to get fit and maybe get some supplements like creatine, not sure if thatís still a big thing?

Also whatís a realistic time for a masters (40) flying 200?

Thabks again 👍
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