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Originally Posted by carleton View Post

It may sound weird that way, but a similar dynamic is what is in play when "pure sprinters" are dropped in mass start races. Sure, a local/regional sprinter can instantaneously hit over 70kph/43mph but can he hold 60kph/37mph for 2 laps?

That tactic has worked against me by a pro roadie. I qualified faster than him and was capable of more power and top speed. From the jump he took off and I followed in his draft with plans of making an easy pass later on the home straight. But, he kept mildly accelerating in the saddle past the point where I could add anything by making a hard jump out of the saddle. I stood up and had to sit right back down. He won.
A friend of mine, some years ago, at Masters Nationals got beat just like that. The other rider did a very good job of hiding his acceleration. My friend was so focused on his plan that he didnít realize until too late.
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