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Or maybe if he had painted the pipe white? This is so tricky ....

While I would not be unhappy if the guy had gotten a longer sentence, in terms of the vast anf much worse injustices happening every day, this one is not hard to swallow.

if the guy hadn't been riding a bicycle none of us would have heard about this. if the kid had run down the guy while he was walking, we would have had a vastly different initial impression.

As it stands, I am not real sorry that there is one less woman-beater on the streets. And since ht driver clearly Only committed the crime (a serious crime, to be sure) to remove a woman-beater who abused his mother, from the population ... i am fairly certain that he will not re-offend.

Since there is nothing I can do to change any of this, I will simply accept it. There are a Lot worse things happening all the time anyway ... swallowing this one will not be that hard.
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