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Originally Posted by Poppit View Post
I think the pad angle is now 15deg, could be wrong though. We've got a workshop in a few weeks time with Dan from the Huub team, I'm hoping to check out the regs as he'll know them inside out. BTW, someone recently has said to me that if your saddle is more than 5cm behind the BB you then gain that amount on the 75cm from BB to bar ends, not sure about that though.
Piggy will absolutely know them in and out as he's pretty well responsible for the new wave of clarifications and has the letters to prove it 😂

Originally Posted by Morelock View Post
*it's also worth mentioning, if you are going to be checked at any point, it would be time well spent to study the technical clarification guide (on the UCI's website) and be ready to plead your case when they fail you on something. Comm's are human and not always totally caught up on the game. I've had to argue with the -5/80cm twice (in both cases the comm was still trying to measure the athlete, around the time the rules were changed to no longer need that and to allow one exemption no matter what)

You may still get hit with having to make a change right before your start, but you at least have a chance if you've measured things yourself and know the rules. (I was helping an athlete for Pro Nat TT last year, her bike was small enough we could only just get it back far enough to be at 0 behind the bb, we moved her bars to 75cm, and at bike check we still had to plead that they let her start, as they measured it a couple of mm past 0 setback. There was literally no way for us to go further back besides a different saddle - which she didn't have - or hacking the nose of the saddle off. Fortunately they overlooked it)
Solid advice. I remember @carleton also mentioning specifically to get the most senior com to check over the bike apart from the official checks and get them to sign off/agree your setup. It's all well and good to be the best kind of correct: technically, but if the rule implementers don't agree you're up against it.

I know I'll be up against it when I setup some aero bars at a long armed 189cm
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