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Raced on Saturday, decent speed work and awful fun though the field was too deep and the wind wasn't substantial enough to allow anything to roll, so it wound up as a bunch sprint. Such is life.

Yesterday I did 4.25hrs with 4x15ish around 95% of mFTP, 1x/hr with z2 between. Legs were a little tired from the day before and I kinda came apart during the last interval, I was 3.5% down as compared to the others which was annoying, but I was also 2900kj deep and out of water when I started it so all things considered it's not so bad I guess.

Getting in a bit of tapering this week to freshen up and finish off getting sugar back into my legs. Stomach bugs linger in weird ways, I've felt like 95% of normal since it went away last Sunday, just kinda flat.
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