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I couldn't finish my 110k weekly tempo Zwift ride due to a literal (as the english would say) pain in the ass. My Pirformis was acting up and with out 40 minutes to go I just couldn't pedal anymore.

I was able to release it and believe I know what the cause is; arching my back too much (i.e. Donald Duck position). Confident it can be fixed. I've recently changed my position to a more aggressive hip angle and have been fiddling with minor changes. Now I've learned my back has to be flat or slightly convex. Concave (inward arch) just presents a ton of issues. With the newer position I feel stronger. Not the best evidence but on my TV Calorie Burner Recovery Rides I average about 90 watts in the old position; this is over a few thousand miles. In the new postion I do about 105 with the same RPE. It feels stronger in the top end as well so I'm definitely going to try to make it work.

@revchuck that's quite a bit of volume.

@Hermes glad your better and grats on the Mrs win!
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