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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
Pic of wife on the course.
I have that exact front trispoke on my TT bike. I think. Is that an HED 3c? What size tire up front she use? I'm letting the life wear out on the tub that's on it I got from the guy, but mine is 21 right now and feels a bit big. I think before I do anything in an event I care much about I'm going to toss a 19mm Conti on it. The 21 makes training on the race wheels a bit easier though.

Last night I did a reverse brick workout at the local tri group ride. Showed up early and ran a bit slower than race pace, then swapped shoes and headed out on the TT bike. I followed the A-group, but I needed a long tempo workout instead of sitting in a big fast group then pulling twice for a minute at some un-Godly speed.

Run felt pretty easy at about 8:10/mi for a couple miles. It's pretty slow going getting in/out of town with turns and stops and crap, but power and speed were looking good once out in the country-side. I let the A-group go from a stop then solo'd my workout.

For the part of the ride I cared about, the work part, it went well. I got it up to 23.5 mph for about 40 min of uninterrupted riding. Flattish, but a bit of roll to the route. I was at a tempo I could feel really comfortable getting off the bike and having to run again. Not really any burn at all in the legs.

I even felt pretty "fresh" when I got back to the car. I think that pace was pretty good for the bike leg. I think the first run was just right too. It left enough in the tank I could go all-out the 2nd run. Strategy was I hydrated well before starting the run and got my pee/poop done then hydrated the run well. I didn't drink on the ride, I don't own an aero drink. I think I may try to ghetto rig a DIY BTA setup for the race. Or hit up ebay/craigslist.

I thought about bricking the back half of the workout also, but it was getting dark and had to drive home to shut the chickens up in their coop for the night as the wife is out of town with the kids and nobody there to do that.
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