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First commute of the year, fasted which should help with that 3 lbs I can't lose. It also means I won't get any work done today as everyone at work is going to stop in at my office, lift my bike, and ask 20 questions.

Originally Posted by Radish_legs View Post
I've been practicing my jump and sprint. I had not hit 1300w in quite some time before I started practicing. In just over 2 weeks of practice, I've started hitting over 1300w. And in crit races, have hit over 1200w when quite tired. And yesterday in a practice solo ride did my 2nd best 1 sec power ever (1446w), and PRs in 5s (1373w) and 10s (1252w). Weird, practice actually works. Who would have thought? First time over 1400w in more than 3 years.
There's a lot of technique in sprinting, and it sounds like you have it all dialed in now and you can def win some upper cat races with that.

One of our locals pulls 1600 with 1000 over 30 seconds. Dude is thicc af though. He's built like Gronk.
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