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Originally Posted by revchuck View Post
I found my super power - I can make headwinds double in strength merely by upshifting!

Coach decided my TSB was positive enough to cut the last day of recovery, so today's ride was 2:41 at the high end of endurance pace, IF was .79. I felt pretty damned good on the bike. Wind was 15 mph at the start and 19 at the finish. At one point I was doing 28 mph in still air, at another I was at threshold in the drops on flat ground doing 14 mph. Hey, it builds character!
Ha I remember a couple times like that. One road race I was pissed I missed the break and no one was chasing. I attacked like 35 times or something until finally I got away when no one wanted to chase in the headwind section. I was doing threshold at 17 mph. One of my typical no mans land cat 3 finishes for like a single upgrade point. More recently I left work in the pouring rain and howling wind. Turned south on 8th street, a slight downhill, and proceeded to ride at threshold doing 7 mph.


Today in the gym I did squats, (235x3)x7. First time I finished all sets at this weight, been struggling to add weight to the bar in a 700 calorie deficit for the past few weeks. After RDL and hack squats I added some Y dumbbell raises and scarecrows (humeral external rotation) cuz I think I have a slight anterior scapular tilt causing shoulder impingement of the bicep tendon during rows. I haven't seen a PT so it's just a guess based on a few hours of searching online. I can't tell just by looking cuz there is too much muscle to really see whats going on - I don't look slouch-shouldered, but I do kinda feel it and it might make sense with all the bike riding and office working these past 5 years.

Also did a quick 50 minute ride with some threshold before work, and plan on a couple hours after work.
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