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I'm not aero on my TT bike so naturally I'm going to do the nationals ITT in 2 weeks. Dumb idea is dumb, but I'll be down there feeding my teammates for the road race anyway.

Setup in front of a mirror and tweaked position until it looked correct. Then altered to uci compliance. I'm like right on that 190cm cutoff for the 80/85cm morphological exemption but I opted to play within the 80cm rules just in case. It's annoying that it's measured to the tips of the shifters, gives di2 bros an advantage. Went from a 120 -6 to 140 -17 and removed 1.5cm of spacers.

Allen key ride later this week. Feels comfy though, and helmet tail sits right between my shoulder blades and follows the exact line of my back (which is now flat)

Besides this poor decision, doing 30 sec work. 6x30 all out followed by 1x20 sweet spot and 2x10ish FTP and then another 2x30 all out. Fatigue resistance is pretty rad, and broke my previous PB 30 second effort by 60ish watts. Also 5min things alternating between 30sec sweet spot and 30sec all out. These things make me hate bikes.
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