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Originally Posted by TheKillerPenguin View Post
It's annoying that it's measured to the tips of the shifters, gives di2 bros an advantage.
I've no reason to abide perfectly to that rule, but on mine I pulled the extensions back and have tried riding gripping with my two smallest fingers instead of using all 4 fingers. That gains you back 1.5". If you see a bump coming, slide back the other fingers for the bump. Then move back.

Sure, if you're already doing that then there's not that 1.5" to gain. But, if you're not.......there's something.

Kind of like stacked hands. You wouldn't ride stacked hands over railroad tracks either, you'd move to a safer grip for that 10 seconds then move back.

I'm not sure my fingers are strong enough, but I've considered doing some mods to a cheap used bar-end shifter for grins and giggles to see if you could gain an inch back.
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