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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I've an Elemnt Bolt. Not the new color one, original. It works fine.

I don't miss not having "reroute" as you have no guarantee that where a gps reroutes you on a bike is a worthy street or road for a bike to be on. It may dump you on some super busy local street with zero shoulder and curb parked cars waiting to door you.

I do enough "recon" in Strava/Google Maps ahead of time of routes to have confidence in where I'm going.

I made it through parts of France I'd never been to just fine with a Wahoo without route redirection.
They seem to be very, very good at adding functionality through software updates too.

I keep reading reviews that say "only missing true turn by turn and planned workouts" but then they've added it since.

There's a bunch of updates of big important stuff and lots of smaller nit picky stuff. I kinda like the LEDs on the top too for turns and interval pacing and stuff.
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