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Originally Posted by ancker View Post
You can do it easily with the 510 as well. Multiple pages with metrics, a side button lets you cycle through them. Auto-pause under X-mph, etc.
But either way. It's not helpful if you can't figure it out.
OK, I checked and I've got the 520, not the 510 (and not the 520+). I just had to actually use the manual to figure out where things are. Example - autopause was nowhere in the configuration or settings menu so I assumed it didn't have it. It is in the activities profile menu ... I had just assumed activities profiles was for putting in intervals or routes, or whatever, not configuring the main screen. So my bad for not finding it and other items, but on the other hand I found this on my last two computers without ever looking at a menu. This is just me being a Luddite.
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