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Originally Posted by Flatballer View Post
So I got my Edge 530 and Assioma Duo pedals (plus a new Tickr and Wahoo speed).

The new tech is absolutely amazing.

Put the pedals on, calibrate them after a sprint, and they just work from there. Incredible how far power meters have come.

L/R balance is about 52/48, for whatever it's worth. People seem to be of the opinion this is all kind of useless until there's more studies of smoothness and torque efficiency and balance and all that.

Almost forgot. Derailleur still messed up, clicks in a lot of gears.

Gonna realign hanger , then remove cable, double check all the high/low, check chain length, double check cable routing and b screw, retune it. If that doesn't help I think it might be a bent cage and I'll need a new derailleur. Still running about $100 right now, ugh.
Assioma's are great, never had a drop out, or any issues with power. The 'only' issue I've had is twice one side died overnight; my only guess is the pedal was leaning against something which caused it to be activated and run down.

A 4% difference is nbd; most have a dominant leg.
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