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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
Did your sealant freeze? I wouldn't have thought so, part of the formula is RV antifreeze. But you are riding outside my experience.

Was the puncture too big to seal? Do you have a plug kit? A guy on MTBR just posted a review of the Stan's Dart, which along with its mechanical function is coated with a catalyst for the sealant. He tried it with both Stan's and Orange Seal. With the Stan's it worked fine, the Orange Seal catalyzed but went powdery instead of gummy.

Had your sealant just dried out? This happened to me a lot on my first set of tires, which were not really tubeless tires (lacking the butyl inner layer) and they wept fluid. They worked better with Orange Seal than Trucker Co which I think is a Stan's clone. Stan's sells 2oz injector bottles with a valve remover molded into the lid.
I just got back from the LBS. A co-worker wound up hauling me and my bike there rather than making my wife come, and in return I bought him lunch.

Apparently I hit a rut or something big enough to break the bead on the tire, and had a slow leak. The LBS just re-seated everything and tested for leaks and everything looked good. They threw in some extra sealant just to be safe. They even cleaned and lubed my chain and didn't charge me for any of it. Then I rode the bike back to the office and everything held fine.

I'd only had the tires converted to tubeless for about three months, so I doubt the original sealant had gone dry in that time. I'm not sure what kind they use, but they're used to dealing with bikes in our climate so I'm sure they've figured out what works well. I remember them saying that the sealant they use does pretty good down to about -20F.
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