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Originally Posted by Hiro11 View Post
My daughter (a freshman, 19 years old and healthy) attends a large Big 10 university. Her dorm is very popular with students from China. In mid December, she came down with a mild fever, aching tiredness combined with a dry, hacking cough that developed into bronchial pneumonia. It took her 6 weeks to finally shed the pneumonia. She tested negative for flu. She told me lots (LOTS) of students were sick with the same thing. In retrospect, hmmm... We went down to see my parents for the holidays in South Florida, thank God they didn't get sick.

I'm willing to bet:
1. Hundreds of thousands of Americans contracted Covid-19 that are not being counted in the current numbers
2. Covid-19 has been in the US for far longer than we have been thinking
You are right about both points but I still reckon they are two separate events. Mostly because you'd notice people dying in Antarctica, and there are no real secrets there, if there was anything going around too far out of the ordinary it'd be around on the rumour mill quicker than if you announced it immediately on the PA system. The other thing would be it would have popped up in New Zealand since everybody where I was transits through there.
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