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Originally Posted by Trevtassie View Post
If there's one thing that I like about Australia, it hasn't yet completely been hoodwinked by the billionaires astroturf individualism campaign like the USA. That's the one where they convince workers that it's in their best interest to minimise government in order to be free individuals, it's much easier to crush individuals economically than it is if collectively organised as a cohesive society. It's also why there hasn't been more of a stink in the right wing media about Russian interference in pretty well everything, because the Russians are pushing the same divisive things the billionaires are. Like the whole 5G thing. They like people thinking Covid-19 is a scam, since they are all safe in isolation, it's only the 99% who have to deal with reality. And we aren't super religious in Australia either, a rag like the Washington Times, owned by a religious cult wouldn't get much shrift here.
To be fair, every country has its issues, and some would say that Australia belongs to China.

Most people want to be left alone.

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