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Originally Posted by SHBR View Post
To be fair, every country has its issues, and some would say that Australia belongs to China.

Most people want to be left alone.
Those some who say Australia belongs to China would, in reality, be wrong. The two biggest foreign countries invested in Australia are the USA and the UK. China is busy trying to buy up everything but our government just put in a rule that there is to be no foreign investment without prior approval, to prevent them buying up distressed assets during the current crisis.

The problem with being "left alone" is that indeed, you are left alone. That means no medical care, no policing, no schooling, the rise of witchcraft etc etc. All things I found since I've actually worked in third world countries with "small" government. The reality of small government is not some fantasy where everybody gets to do what they want. Instead is where local powerbrokers jockey for position constantly, leading to violence and destitution for the average punter. "Ah, but I've got guns" I hear you say, nobody will step on me... Well, so do the local warlords, and usually more, and with way more men. The actual population want government to stop them being collateral damage in local wars, police to stop people from stealing their stuff all the time. Medical care so they don't have to watch their children dying. Schooling because they know that's the way to advance themselves and no witchcraft, because nobody likes being burnt alive because some random dude takes a dislike to you and calls you a witch (yes, this is, in reality surprisingly common).
The individualism I see in America seems to have resulted in pretty well the opposite effect of what it's claimed to do. The rise of militarised police, a huge surge in domestic terrorism leading to more surveillance and the rise of a kleptocrat class hoovering up all the resources for themselves leading to an actual deterioration in living conditions for the average person. It's all come to a head with Covid-19, where a lack of a coherent government response has left the country reeling. The refuge of the individualists seem to be denial and conspiracy, 5G, democrat hoax, etc etc, since there is a disconnect between the reality and the fantasy of small government.
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