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Originally Posted by Trevtassie View Post
There's more people than you would think feasible that actually believe that 5G towers are responsible for Covid-19 (even in countries where there is no 5G) The original 5G causes cancer thing was started (like a lot of other internet conspiracies-autism-vaccines etc etc) by the Internet Research Bureau, a branch of the FSB, as part of the Russian asymmetric warfare program. A divided west means that they can keep doing what they've been doing, slowly annexing parts of the former USSR, so they are happy to stir up things wherever they can. There is also some evidence that they modified the message recently to 5G causes Covid-19. So there are literally nested conspiracies. But, like everything you need to look at who benefits from what. A divided west is good for Russia. A divided (polarised) population is good for certain groups in western society, so provided they have similar aims things the Russians are allowed to simmer along.
thx for the explanation.
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