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Originally Posted by SHBR View Post
BILL GATES: the world has got your number... and they are dialing it RIGHT NOW

Bill Gate's instagram has exploded with negative comments. He is having a team manage them and delete them but the inundation is so great they can't keep up.
Sergei to Alexei "Comrade, you know that Bill Gates is the devil thing you started a few years ago? have you checked in on it recently? It is on fire!"

How come the only billionaire who is actually trying to do some good is getting roasted by the tinfoil hat brigade, when real evil buggers like the one remaining Koch brother and the Mercers can bank roll some real evil disinformation? Just proves how stupid the foilers really are. Dude tries to warn the world to be ready for a pandemic because the science says it's gonna happen. Tinfoil hats decide his warning means he must be behind it. No, you mouth breathing morons, it just means that he's smarter than you, and because you suffer from a massive case of Dunning-Kruger you don't realise it.
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