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This topic touches on the whole culture of consumption anyway, and to be at least aware of buying stuff and crap we don't need it that has a short lifespan.
With bikes, for sentimental reasons I kept my old touring bike, the kuwahara, even fixed it up a bunch of years ago, and since then I stick it on my bike trainer I got ages ok and like keeping the legs going in winter, a nice bonus for cross country skiing and come spring with legs in good shape.
Got a used mtb and used that commuting for ever, now use it as my winter bike, so use my car less even in winter, so win win keeping it.
I have a garage so makes things easier space wise, and repair and cleaning wise, especially for winter riding, washing regularly keeps the bike from rusting all to hell.

So hey, I've got a bunch of bikes, but I use them all, so all's good. And I like to do my own work on them, so that helps heaps of savings.
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