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Originally Posted by phughes View Post
When the indexing went out on my LHT rear bar end shifter, I switched it over to friction to get by until I could change it. I was surprised at how nicely it shifter a 9 speed. I did grow up with friction shifting though. I found I preferred friction on the LHT better than the indexing, so I bought and installed the Silvers from Rivendell. I love them and have happily toured on them, and used it around town. I have no issues using friction with the 9 speed. It is much nicer than the indexed shifters I had, for my purposes.
If you are fine with it, just as if it's the preference of this fellow, great.
To me, as I too grew up with friction only bikes, and cars and motorcycles with manual chokes that one had to finesse to start and run, I'm fine with an extremely reliable system like indexing.
I also like it simply from a speed and performance thing, sure and fast and exact shifting .

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