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Originally Posted by elijahbc View Post
Ideally I'd like to install Rene Herse 55 Antelope Hill tires with Gille Berthoud stainless steal 700c x 60mm fenders. Would this combo fit and function well?
Thanks in advance!
Sounds like an interesting build.
You dont fancy an IGH?

With regards the fenders, before you order them, decide on the likelyhood of you ever wanting to use a trailer like the Extrawheel.
The beautiful polished stainless steel Berthouds came in both drilled or undrilled back when I bought mine back around 2012.
I found when my build was complete and I attempted to utilise my Extrawheel trailer that the fender stays inhibited any trailer up/downward articulation more than about an inch rendering the trailer unsuitable for anything than the tamest tarmac work unsuitable for so much as jumping a curb.
I had to redrill/rebolt my rear fender stays higher up the fender, to induce the ability for approx 13 inch articulation, enabling some off road usage.
This left two, for me, unsightly holes where once the stays bolted, yet to be filled or hidden behind some red reflective tape.
My tip is grab the undrilled rear fender and mount the stays allowing for a potential trailer purchase.
Just a thought.

With regards tires/fender fitment.
The widest tires I could get under the 60mm Berthouds were my 2.35 x 700c / 60 x 622 Schwalb Big Apples which were a tight fit but dont rub ( and look great IMHO)
My Exiwolf knobblies in the same size dont fit.
For touring I've mainly utilised 2.00 x 700c / 50 x 622 Schwalb Marathon Mondials which fit no probs.

My Berthouds have been on my Ogre a long time now and have survived many miles of touring/commuting with some removal/refit for flights and when I want to utilise the Exiwolfs for purely off road.
If one or both suffered a catastrophic failure I'd replace them with the same in a heartbeat as I enjoy the aesthetic they offer my bike as well as the added utility for wet road riding.
Good luck with your purchase decision.
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