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Originally Posted by Bah Humbug View Post
I saw that, but itís so hard for me to accept buying a branded open mould wheel compared to just going to LightBicycle directly. The Rail52 was interesting because it was unique.

I mean, in all honesty I donít need a thing more than the Jet6+ I have. And would rather hang on to money to move to Lanceville.

I agree with most of that. You get a November build as opposed to a LB build, and it can be RIGHT NOW as opposed to whatever shipping method is the slowest. I like White hubs, though I do have a set of American Classics burning a hole in my toolbox... Those may go with the soon eliminated HED alloy rim offering... So much to do.

Of course, this is likely fogged out rambling, as Georgia-Mae and Lotus like the squeaky toy action at 3 am, along with the fireworks til midnight.
Originally Posted by Eric F View Post
I generally wave to most cyclists going the opposite way, and offer a verbal greeting to those going my way as I go past them.

Shirtless guys with homemade aero bars on their hybrid scare me, though. I try to keep my distance and avoid eye contact.

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