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Originally Posted by big john View Post
Here too. There have been stories on the news about how it's happening all over. Showed a blind veteran who's service dog would hide when the explosions start leaving him with no help. Lots of stories about vets with PTSD trying to cope with nightly war sounds.

There seems to be 3 main offenders in my area, the ones with the pro-level skyrockets. You know, the ones when they launch there is a loud, deep "whump" sound and then when they explode it echoes for 2-3 seconds, rattling windows and setting off car alarms.

I don't understand what they get out of it, especially after weeks on end.
Some of us are just wired that way. I used to travel in Guatemala in the winter. Around the holidays, people would buy as much as they could afford. They were used in parades, religious ceremonies. I, of course, could afford lots. There was one festival in particular, where professional grade sky rockets were set off from the ground(a 3"pipe welded to a steel plate). We'd be strolling along and all of a sudden people were moving. Then you'd hear/feel the whump. Some of us live for that sound in close quarters.
One year my wife had an early flight New Year's Day, so we stayed in Guatemala City overnight. I awoke a little past midnight and listened for the next 45 minutes. War zone or thunderstorm. Neighborhood by neighborhood.
Good times
No, I am not a Viet Nam vet.
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