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Originally Posted by aaronmcd View Post
I don't really understand how racing on Zwift is supposed to work. First off, why does w/kg even matter unless it's all climbing? Even if they estimate your frontal area based on weight it shouldn't make THAT much of a difference, right? Also, can't people just input whatever weight they want?
The speed in Z is mostly w/kg based. Not entirely sure how the speed is calculated but it's overly emphasized compared to real racing. Maybe something about their being too much variation in actual w/CdA among riders with similar height and weight? IDK there just making a guess. Also, drafting does work, but it's minimized compared to real life.

Lastly yes, you can input whatever weight you want. You're supposed to be honest about it, but there is no real way to check it. When they did the virtual Tour de Gila a few months back. USAC required that certain riders made a video of them weighing themselves every morning before the stages.
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