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There's also an informal "A+" category as well that you can't sign up for, but some riders are categorized as. Like pros and stuff.

I'm not the highest FTP style rider and so at my weight (145 lbs) I'm a mid pack rider on a longer climb. At this point I've come to learn that I have a left-leaning pursuit profile if you will, meaning I have a decent sprint but from 1-3 minutes I excel versus my competitors. Also I have great anaerobic recovery so I can get up the road and then roll a break or TTT with some pretty tough riders. Also I have never recorded any data but I just feel like I have a pretty aero/low profile on the bike for my size and can maintain speed with less power than most people with my height (5'9") and weight.

Of course none of that matters of Zwift, and I'm still just making excuses for why I got dropped today. I looked it up, and most of the top 5 today in the race averaged 5.0+ w/kg for the first 20 (of ~40) minutes... . That's about my best ever 20 min outdoor performance, set on Fiesta Island with a steadier effort and some heroic motivation.
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