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Originally Posted by Heathpack View Post
OMG dog toy nirvana

None of our girls have every destroyed a toy. We weed through them, and stuff the extra's in a box in the garage. Delta loved them, Apryl, not so much. Indy loved them, then Georgia took that interest away. Indy seemed cool with it, but we're not going to let that happen this time. Share, or none. So far, it's share. Yeah, it's time to weed through again. Of course, you see the toy crate is way more better to gnaw on than any old toy...
Originally Posted by Eric F View Post
I generally wave to most cyclists going the opposite way, and offer a verbal greeting to those going my way as I go past them.

Shirtless guys with homemade aero bars on their hybrid scare me, though. I try to keep my distance and avoid eye contact.

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