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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Very... odd. The guy that "dethroned" me while driving around in his car just "dethroned" me again... in his car, again. Looking at his rides over the past week, two have been legit with a Garmin Fenix showing HR - 17-18mph averages on bike paths... but then he's got *five* rides - uh, "rides" - in his car, four of which have already been flagged by others. What's the motivation? Pissed about full segment info going behind the pay wall?
Maybe, but that seems an odd way to go about expressing his anger. For the car rides, did you see if it was a case of not turning it off after the bike, or the whole thing was a ride? Is the Fenix new? It's possible he just got it (they were on sale very recently) and is used to recording from an Edge (or his phone) and is forgetting to turn the Fenix off.

Or yeah, he's a jerk.
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