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Originally Posted by rjones28 View Post
We shall see....

Oh do tell.

Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Rapha recently released some new sunglasses. My knee-jerk reaction was, "those look kinda French-shower-y..." Second thought was, "I kinda want 'em..."
Project Rudy had a 50% off sale around thanksgiving and I really thought hard getting a last yearís model with chromatic lenses but passed. I still think perhaps I should have gotten them.

Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I have probably mentioned this before, but one item I don't use is sunglasses. For unknown reasons I have no problems with bright light. I use cheap-o Performance clear lens glasses for eye protection.
Iím a bit of enigma to myself when it comes to this. My eyes are sensitive to bright light, but I donít like and canít handle dark sunglasses for prolonged duration.

I wear them religiously for eye protection purposes when riding and I settled on orange/yellow/mango colored lenses. Clear enough to wear 5:15 in the morning when riding to work and bordering manageable for bright sun around 4:00 in the afternoon when Iím heading back home. Iíd like to try chromatic lenses but the higher the UV exposure, the darker they get (plus they tend to be more efficient in low temperatures) and it was/is the thing I donít like about them on my transitions prescription eye glasses. They get disturbingly dark in the winter time and then donít get light enough quickly when your indoors.
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