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Originally Posted by wktmeow View Post
I'm starting to be more convinced that it is, just from looking at other sports like rowing. The "get sorta quick fast" plan (the popular one I've seen for rowing is the Pete Plan) is a lot more similar to a heavy sweet spot cycling plan, but the long term development advice seems to be more like "lots of steady state with a little bit of more intense efforts.'" I have to wonder at the minimal effective dose of the z2 work, though.

I just put together my endurance plan for the summer on TP. Might be a little ambitious with all the kid and other stuff going on but I'll try my best. The gist of it is:

Mon - Off/Easy
Tues - Z2 1-2 Hours
Weds - Z5 Intervals, each week progressively longer duration intervals until 4x8
Thurs - Z2 1-2 Hours, weights in the evening (Deadlifts and Press, following Wendler's 5/3/1)
Fri - Easy/Off
Sat - Endurance Ride - Starting at 3 hours and working up to 5 hours - wife is OK with the longer rides as long as I start early and don't make too many coffee stops
Sun - ~2 hours with FTP Efforts, starting with 2x15 and working up to 2x30, weights in the evening (Squats and benchpress 5/3/1)

Rest and test every 6 weeks

Subsequent blocks will likely start with longer FTP intervals too, probably 2x20 or 2x25 as I get more fit.

I'll likely either replace or supplement some of the mid-week days with running or rowing as well. I'm enjoying mixing it up a bit these days, and I'm able to use the jogging stroller to get lunch runs in during the work day, which gives my wife a well deserved break.
For me, I can start to “feel” my legs develop some fatigue after about 90 minutes of Z2 and assume that’s about my minimum. My coach has given me 90-120 min z2 rides during the week and I usually just do the 120 if I have the time / start early enough in the morning.

I also seem to have my endurance days after a day of intervals, not the other way around. Like 3-4 hours of z2 would after a big vo2 max interval day. My vo2 intervals would be really difficult to do full gas after 80-90 miles the day before. Something to think about.
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