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Originally Posted by atwl77 View Post
Nice ride. Rain often screws with recorded elevation, so the more rain the less I would trust Garmin's final readout.
For my previous 600k, my audax club used QR codes, so we just scan the code printed on banners placed at the start of the ride and then at the finishing point. Unfortunately requires everyone to have a smartphone capable of reading QR codes and a data plan though (but then again, the smartphone does make entering stores a whole lot easier as we need to do the whole contact tracking/tracing thing, and screenshots from those store entry scans are also pretty effective proof-of-arrival material).
Ya, elevation from other riders was all over the place, 3750 to 4300m, seems like the average was around 4000m. The strava elevation correction gave 4500m which was too much so I didn't keep that number, it usually adds to my rides when I click it. The first part of the ride is really flat since it follows a slow river downsteam and the along the lake shores is flat too. I was just under 25 hours riding time so felt pretty good about being efficient at the controls. We had 5 or 6 riders on this ride so it's too much work to setup anything like QR codes for us. The gov't has a covid tracking app but it's voluntary and it drains my phone pretty quickly since it's bluetooth based. The cycling association that oversees our club activities just requires the GPS tracks after the fact, we accept self-signed cards and a photo for the control. The other riders started later than us too since we can space out the starting times to keep people socially distant.
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