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I don't think it's an issue falling because you're not going to ride 25 mph on the stuff. I've ridden on a couple of trails that had finely-crushed limestone, which is what the map shows. it'll slow you down a bit, but not bad. I think the far end of that trail is in town, so you could have someone meet you there and run you back out if need be. I'm not sure if people use road bikes on it or not. There's similar trail up by Denton, same surface.

I recall someone mentioning that, due to it being an old railroad track, it wasn't steep anywhere, but did have some looooong sections at very slight grades that could get old.

I'll try it eventually, but haven't yet. There's some good camping at the park; I've stayed there on several occasions. If you're out there, be sure to visit the climbing area (Penitentiary Hollow, I think it is) just for a look around.

(Looking at the map again, if you start at the state park, you're in the middle of the trail, so it's out-and-back on one end, then the other, to make the full 40 miles.)
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