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This is the spur trail that goes into Lake Mineral Wells State Park. I think it said 2/3 mile to the trailhead there. I went straight, though. If you have a chance, go into the park and see Penitentiary Hollow, which is just a neat area.

This is the bridge over Hwy 180.

Here, the trail is going on into Mineral Wells. You pass all kinds of fast food places within riding distance from the trail, plus a Walmart, Autozone, etc. Everything but a bike store. Part of this is kind of like riding down an alley.

The old Crazy Water hotel, landmark of Mineral Wells.

Reached the end of the trail, and started back now. The old Depot is now law offices. There's a preserved caboose and this re-constructed watering tank for steam locomotives there at the end of the trail (along with a pavillion, rest rooms, parking lot, etc.)

I tried a self-portrait on the way back. I didn't see any helmet rule, so I wore the straw hat I bought for the Texas Time Trials. I saw two other people with straw hats, including the lady in the previous picture.

Cactuses and rocks on the way back.

Hill coming up. I got a little workout going back.

This marker was at the 4 mile mark (there are mile posts each mile on the trail, by the way). I was glad to see it going back, when I took this. Meant only 4 more miles and they were mostly downhill!

Lessee...other miscellaneous notes- there is a restroom or pit toilet or portapotty every 5 miles. There was water at the Garner trailhead (drinking fountain didn't work, but the faucet did). There's a convenience store in Garner also, which is at the half-way point.
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