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Been doing a lot of volume at tempo with run/bike mixes this week. Did an 8mi run last night, then decided I wanted a beer. So I rolled over to the local critical mass brewery ride. The run made me late, so just sat and enjoyed a beer while that circus went around the block. Then sniped a slice of pizza when they got back. yearly avg on TSS is about low 300's. Like maybe 320. My last 7 days rolling average is 570.

Oddly enough, I feel fine. I've eaten a touch more than normal, but not a super lot.

Wife and kids had taken off this week but I had planned to work to save the time for our summer time off together.

Can't decide what to do tonight. Freaking beautiful weather. I need/want more time on the TT bike even if it is a lot of Z1/Z2 riding. All my Thursday groups though are the quicker roadie rides. Maybe I'll ride the TT bike and give em a head start and just chase/follow then enjoy their company afterwards. Maybe run super slow 1 mile or 2 mile before. Maybe even Galloway run/walk it. I need the run everyday for a while, even if short and super easy.

I must be pretty well fat adapted. I was running/riding below that particular threshold past few days I guess. Never felt a lack of energy on the workouts at all.

I know I've built in some fatigue though. I did give it the gas over a couple rollers on the way home from my treat last night and never got the HR out of the 160's. Almost hitting top 10 for that segment, on the cyclocross bike. No power, just HR as the meter is on the TT bike. But, to do that it means I was freaking moving out.
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