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Originally Posted by Lindarets View Post
We spec the ENVE G Series fork on our (US) builds and don't have any experience with the V+1 so can't compare directly. But with that said, I would say that the G Series does a good job at balancing the compliance with stiffness and durability. It's the same sort of stacked spring problem as with the frame- the tires have an order of magnitude more impact than the fork, followed by the bars and potentially wheels. For ultimate comfort, active suspension like a Lauf fork or Redshift stem make a massive difference- but they come with downsides in the forms of weight/cost/unwanted movement/aesthetics that won't be acceptable to everyone. After tires/pressure, the biggest front end difference someone who doesn't want active suspension can make is a compliant bar- the ENVE G Series gravel bar has a great shape and reduces buzz noticeably and is a great place to start and I've heard that the Canyon biplane bar is pretty comfy (but won't be for everyone).
Just out of curiosity. Do you offer a discount on Atalaya bikes? From what I have heard this brand does not want to offer any, especially when bikes are selling quite well. Not that I will benefit from it because I am from Europe but I just want to know.
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